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Wiley Treatment Planners

Build treatment plans easily with Wiley Treatment Plan Builder and Note Builders. Create your plans based on a range of treatment approaches that can be customized to your patients’ needs with our mental health notes software.


Treatment Plan Builders

Streamline the lengthy and complicated process of building treatment plans with pre-populated plans for specific diagnoses. Select from over 1,000 pre-written treatment goals, objectives, and interventions or record your own treatment plan option. Treatment Planners provide a range of treatment plan options, from plans supported by the evidence-based value of “best available research” to options based on common clinical practices and emerging approaches.


Note Builders

Easily create notes that coordinate with the client’s diagnosis and treatment plan. Choose from a wealth of sentences and pre-written progress notes that summarize client presentation, interventions, treatment provided and plans.

Unlimited Notes

Create unlimited notes in ShareNote to assist your clinicians and support your practice operations. Features include:

Unlimited Note Types 

Supports different types of notes used in therapy including SOAP notes and other progress note formats.

Custom Assessments 

Use digital versions of intake forms, biopsychosocial history forms, and other assessments.


Record patient vitals and keep on record electronically for easy access.

Electronic Signatures

Sign documents digitally and keep everything paperless. 

In addition to these features, ShareNote also offers the add-on feature of Wiley Note Builders. This platform allows staff to create evidence-based documentation based on diagnosis, turning typing detailed treatment plans into a simple “point-and-click” task. ShareNote also offers “Notes Review,” where you can receive correspondence in real time, with immediate notifications when your note has been reviewed, locked and signed.