Wiley Practice Planners

Save time and increase efficiency with Wiley Treatment Plan Builder and Note Builders!

Treatment Plan Builders
  • Quickly build treatment plans based upon a specific diagnosis with just a few quicks of the mouse.
  • Easily create notes that coordinate with the client’s diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Choose from a wealth of sentences and pre-written progress notes that summarize client presentation, interventions, treatment provided and plans.

How It Works
Using the patient’s diagnosis, the Treatment Plan Builder offers a filtered list of presenting problems to begin the creation of the treatment plan. After selecting the problem, you are offered a list of behaviors that the client experiences. Those selected behaviors the provide a list of goals from which you can build their objectives and interventions. Once completed, the selected goals, objectives, and interventions will be applied to the client’s goal builder where you can customize them even further, if needed.

Notes Builders
Notes can now be created with a few mouse clicks reducing note creation times down to just a handful of moments.

How It Works
The Note Builder offers a list of categories to build your note upon. Each category then offers a list of problems that can be filtered by any diagnosis previously entered into the client’s profile. The selected problems offer up various notes that can be selected to add to the current note. After note selections, you are able to select interventions and plans based upon previously created client goals. Once completed, the selected notes, interventions, and plans will be applied to the appropriate fields in the note screen where you can customize them even further, as needed.