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Wiley Practice Planner: Treatment Planning, Note Building and Their Effect on Positive Patient Outcomes

One of the most important aspects of your practice is providing positive patient outcomes. As a provider of mental and behavioral health services, ensuring patients are making steps towards recovery involves more than just appointments. Detailed treatment plans, take home assignments and other types of therapy are crucial, but can take considerable time to put together. With Wiley Practice Planners and Note Builders, you can cut down preparation time with a point and click system that makes it easy to customize individual plans for each patient. 

What are Wiley Practice Planners and Notebuilder? 

Wiley Practice Planners provide everything you need to develop formal treatment plants for your patients based on presenting issues and patient assessments. In addition, Wiley Practice Planners help you meet the requirements of most third-party payers as well as state and federal groups.  

 Wiley Note Builders allows staff to create evidence-based documentation based on diagnosis, turning manually compiling treatment plans into a simple “point-and-click” task.  

Using Wiley Practice Planners to Create a Treatment Plan 

Building treatment plans and detailed notes is achieved through six point and click based steps:  

  1. Problem Selection 
  2. Problem Definition  
  3. Goal Development 
  4. Objective Construction 
  5. Intervention Creation 
  6. Diagnosis Determination  

How Does This Impact Practitioners and Patient Care? 
Using Wiley Practice Planners can help you streamline your process when it comes to creating patient treatment plans and taking notes. What used to be a manual process with hours of time-consuming paperwork can now be managed within minutes. Wiley even includes DSM-5 diagnostic suggestions and ICD-10-CM codes so that you can easily create and submit insurance claims with limited denials.  

No patient has the same needs; so, no patient treatment plan should be the same. With thousands of statement choices for describing behaviors, goals and objectives which offer you the freedom to create unique plans for each patient. Objectives and interventions are evidence-based, and many include built in homework assignments to help ensure positive outcomes for patients. After the treatment plan is created, it is ready for immediate implementation and presentation.   

Wiley Practice Planners and Notebuilder with ShareNote 

At ShareNote we have helped many customers integrate Wiley into their EHR and have spent enough time navigating the system to learn a few tips and tricks along the way. Visit our website to get started with Wiley Practice Planners today, or check out our blog to learn more about our other integrated services like telehealth.  

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