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What is a Psychiatry Superbill?

A psychiatry superbill is one of those terms that every mental health provider knows, but does not enjoy talking about. It seems to be a pretty common feeling among providers in the industry that billing is one of the most frustrating and inconvenient parts of being a therapist. While it may be annoying, billing isContinue reading “What is a Psychiatry Superbill?”

Tips for Mental Health Billing in 2021

Mental health billing is increasingly more complex as more payers cover the cost of mental health services. Optimizing your billing process is a key component of building a sustainable practice that can offer care to a multitude of clients. In order to be successful in 2021, providers should adhere to the following tips for mentalContinue reading “Tips for Mental Health Billing in 2021”

11 Ways a Dedicated Billing Specialist Will Add Value to Your Organization

 As the owner or operator of a behavioral health  organization, your livelihood hinges on your ability to maximize efficiency for patients and your staff. But achieving this goal is often easier said than done, especially when your collections and claims processing seem to be stuck in quicksand. The good news is you can jump startContinue reading “11 Ways a Dedicated Billing Specialist Will Add Value to Your Organization”