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Premium Billing Solutions

Billing can be a chore, let us lend a hand.

With ShareNote, medical insurance billing has never been easier. As a customer, you get the expertise of a dedicated Customer Service and Implementation Team during setup and on-boarding and have the complete support of an assigned Billing Specialist. Let us manage all of your billing needs so you can have more time and resources to do what is important to you.

Get the most out of your billing cycle.

Claim Submission

You provide care for your clients, we’ll handle the rest. Record your appointments and documentation, and we’ll take over from there – easy as pie!

Claim Rejection and Denial Follow-Up

Claim rejections and denials are bound to happen now and again. When they do, we are committed to finding out what went wrong and correcting it so that you can get paid for your valuable time. No more spending hour trying to track down rejected claims – let us take care of it!

Payment Posting and Reconciliation

We’ll keep track of your insurance billing remittances so that you don’t have to. When remittance advice comes back from the payers, we will post the payments to your client accounts for you. Accurate client ledgers, here we come!

Ready to get paid more, faster?

Fantastic! To learn more about the onboarding process for our premium billing solutions, please reach out to us by clicking here. 

Dedicated Billing Team

Direct Billing

Denial Reconciliation

Remittance Reporting

Real-Time Eligibility Checks

Billing Snapshot

Claims Correction

Claims Search

Premium solutions with premium results.

Before ShareNote’s Billing Solutions:



  • Lack of Understanding – You are an expert in your field and you change lives everyday in your work, but when it comes to insurance billing you feel a little lost.
  • Lack of Time – You find yourself spending nights and weekends trying to sort out your claim rejections and denials, and posting your payments. 
  • Lack of Cash Flow – Your clients are coming through your door, but the money isn’t. You need to tighten up your billing cycle so that your practice can thrive.

After ShareNote’s Billing Solutions:



  • Watch Your Billing Transform Before Your Eyes – Insurance billing doesn’t have to be a mystery! With ShareNote, you will have complete visibility into your billing cycle as we handle your claim submission and remittance posting.
  • Work With A Dedicated Team – You will have the power of our dedicated and knowledgable billing staff on your side to ensure your practice’s success.
  • Let Us Give You Your Time Back – Your time should be spent doing what you love to do! We take billing off your plate so that you can focus on providing quality care to your clients. 
  • Get Paid Faster – With our ShareNote billing specialists, your practice will be in the best position to get paid faster.