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How Sharenote’s EHR and Billing Services Will Improve Your Healthcare Agency

ShareNote is a web-based integrated solution that is designed specifically to organize, streamline, and simplify the administrative tasks and billing processes that your agency completes on a daily basis. As of today, ShareNote has served over 1,250 agencies, over 85,000 professionals, and over 700,000 patients. ShareNote has been solving agency issues since 2004.

No matter what challenges your large mental health agency faces in 2021, Sharenote has the experience, passion, and knowledge to help you conquer each one and exceed every goal.

So how can ShareNote’s EHR features change your large agency for the better?

Total Practice Management

An unfortunate reality that many mental and behavioral health providers face is the unnecessary burden of administrative processes. ShareNote offers total practice management for agencies looking to return their focus to the quality of the care they are giving to their clients instead.

These are features that empower providers to automate a number of procedures in their administrative workflow in order to achieve more productivity in less time. Some of Sharenote’s practice management features include:  


Every single agency stands to benefit from a quality scheduling tool. Good scheduling processes have the potential to optimize calendars, prevent no-show visits, and improve organization. ShareNote’s scheduling tool includes a simple-to-use interface that helps providers get the most out of every minute. With scheduling made simple, agencies can access custom calendar views that cater to the uniqueness of their organization. Individuals can sort through color-coded calendars by details like specific clinicians, appointments by group, person, or location while switching between daily, weekly, and monthly views. Not only this, but ShareNote’s scheduling tool offers automated appointment reminders to make sure your clients always show up to their visit.

Client Portal

Client portals are now an essential component of any Electronic Health Record. Agencies that hope to keep their clients engaged, informed, and satisfied with their care need an easy source of interaction like a client portal. ShareNote’s client portal stands out against the rest with easy-to-use messaging tools that enable clients to stay in contact with their providers should they have questions or situations arise. Here clients can also view and understand their bills as well as make electronic payments on their accounts. For providers, this tool allows for easy collection of electronic signatures and more.

Multiple Locations

Large agencies need an EHR solution that offers practice management tools across multiple locations. With Sharenote being a web-based or “cloud” based solution, it is easier for agencies to utilize every feature and access information no matter what location they work from. ShareNote’s secure, web-based software is mobile-friendly and accessible by any device that is connected to the internet. This allows agencies to manage multiple sites and instantly access important client and staff information with a single login.

ShareNote’s total practice management feature offers so much more for providers who want to streamline, organize, and optimize their administrative workflow from scheduling and appointment reminders to the management of multiple locations. Agency owners can keep up with data such as time worked, insurance claims, task lists, and other details that impact business decisions, in one place.

Comprehensive Client Records

Old-school methods of record-keeping are no longer the safest or most secure way of managing and storing client data. Comprehensive digital client records are the only way to make sure your agency and its clients can trust that private information is protected at all times. ShareNote offers security like no other.

Other than security, client records are comprised of everything related to the client, their treatment, and their progress. Providers need tools that enable them to document in an impactful way without slowing them down. Some of the best features of ShareNote’s client record tools include:

Unlimited Note Types

Every client is different and so documentation needs some level of customization while still keeping your agency compliant with record-keeping regulations. ShareNote’s unlimited note-type feature enables agencies to remain compliant while accessing a variety of note forms including SOAP notes. Not only this, but agencies can also easily share their notes with family caregivers or other professionals that need them.

Electronic Prescriptions

When e-prescribing is a component of an EHR system, the possibilities are endless. Providers can cross-check for medications with current patient prescriptions, health conditions, and more to make sure they are only prescribing what is safe for that individual.  Studies have found that error rates decreased from 42.5 per 100 prescriptions to 6.6 per 100 prescriptions, proving that electronic prescribing is a safer and more guaranteed option than traditional written methods.   ShareNote offers one of today’s top e-prescribe options to help reduce errors, help clients access medications more quickly, and improve medication adherence.

Electronic Signatures

The transition to digital is yet another vital change happening in terms of record-keeping and offers even more benefits for large agencies. By going paperless, providers can save time through the introduction of automation and save money by spending less on printing supplies, storage, and more. ShareNote offers a top-tier tool for collecting electronic signatures that increases efficiency and reduces cost by helping your agency go paperless.

Electronic Billing

Large mental health agencies waste thousands of hours a year on their billing and still do not achieve the kinds of results they need. Your agency deserves an electronic billing solution that simplifies the process while helping you achieve the results that lead to real success. Some of the most valuable electronic billing features that ShareNote offers include:

Claims Submission

On-time payments matter to every single agency and provider. In the past, paper claims were used by mail when a provider wanted to bill a client’s insurance. This process is an inefficient and outdated option for providers that need to get paid in a timely fashion. ShareNote’s electronic claims processes offer state-of-the-art filing and submission tools that increase clean claims so providers can get paid faster than with traditional paper processes.

Claims Correction

The number one reason that a claim is rejected or denied is that it contained errors upon submission. Whether those errors are associated with the billing code or even missing or incorrect client information, those errors can cost agencies thousands of dollars a year when not handled correctly. ShareNote offers claim correction to ensure replacement claims are revised correctly upon resubmission.

Real-Time Eligibility Checks

Another cause of frequent claim denial is a lack of coverage on behalf of the client. This can happen for a variety of reasons but is primarily caused by a client failing to realize their coverage has lapsed or a belief that they are covered for services that they are not. ShareNote offers real-time eligibility verification in their electronic billing solution. This enables providers to verify coverage before services are rendered so that they can always know what the client is and is not covered for.

Payment Posting and Reconciliation

ShareNote understands that when it comes to billing, there are a hundred things to keep track of at all times and that a billing solution should offer respite from that burden. ShareNote will keep track of an agency’s insurance billing remittances so that you do not have to. When remittance advice is returned from the client’s insurance, Sharenote will post the payments to your client account on your behalf, leading to accurate client ledgers.

Before ShareNote, agencies that are experts in their field faced a lack of understanding when it came to billing, a lack of time to get everything done while still focusing on their clients, and a lack of cash flow due to denied claims and billing errors. With the help of ShareNote’s electronic billing services, agencies can finally watch their billing transform before their eyes, work with a dedicated billing team, return important time back to their clients, reduce administrative burden, and get paid in full and on time.

What Makes ShareNote Stand Out Against Competitors?

While ShareNote offers today’s best integrated EHR solution for mental health agencies, there is one thing that makes them stand out against the rest in the industry. ShareNote offers first-rate support for its customers so that they always have the assistance they need, right when they need it.

ShareNote wants each agency it works with to know that they have access to built-in support so they can always get back to what is important, their clients. Some of the most noticeable tools and benefits of ShareNote’s customer support include:

Help Desk

While ShareNote offers top-of-the-line support during and after implementation, questions still arise. A help desk is always available to answer any questions that might come up.

Phone Support

For those that need extra support, ShareNote offers a dedicated team that is committed to providing the best service that ensures all your agency’s needs are met. Phone support is available during practice hours so that you can get the right help.

Instant Messaging

Sometimes busy agency members do not have time to sit on the phone and problem-solve. For these individuals, there is an instant messaging tool where they can still reach out for help.


How-to videos exist on every topic surrounding the use of ShareNote technology, allowing agencies to get quick solutions for any issue.

Weekly Webinars

Need an in-depth tutorial for new staff or just a refresher course? ShareNote offers a wealth of webinars on a variety of topics like software training and more.

ShareNote is dedicated to making sure large mental health agencies have access to every digital tool and service they need to worry less and spend less time on administrative and billing processes. This is so they can return their focus to their clients. ShareNote is designed to be easy to use while improving a variety of practice management, record-keeping, and billing responsibilities.

To learn more about an EHR that can help you streamline and organize your practice management, click here.

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