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Have You Clicked This Button? – Show Goals and Comments


Show Goals/Comments in Grid? checkbox in note centers. This checkbox expands the data displayed in the notes grid to include client goals and comments.


Have you clicked this button? Goals/Comments Checkbox

The Show Goals/Comments in Grid? checkbox can be found in the note centers. It is located beside the SHOW NOTES button at the bottom of the note filters section.


To expand upon the standard results, allowing staff to view even more information about a client at a glance in one location.


  1. Click on your Note Center from the main menu.
  2. In the search filter section, select the date span that you would like for the report to show results for.
  3. Use the remaining search filters to limit the scope of the report, as needed. You can view one, multiple, or all of the following criteria depending on your needs: clients, staff, note statuses, and services.
  4. Check the Show Goals/Comments in Grid? checkbox beside the SHOW NOTES button.
  5. Click SHOW NOTES button to view notes that match the search criteria specified, along with GOALS and COMMENTS.

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