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Have you clicked this button? – Print Staff Activity Report


Print Staff Activity Report button. This button creates a very informative report based upon the activity of your staff for the criteria selected in the search filter section. The report is broken down by staff and provides the following information:

  • Date
  • Client
  • Service Code
  • Note Start Time
  • Note End Time
  • Total Time Spent
  • Total Units Used for this note
  • Status of the note
  • Billing Status of the note
  • Total Staff Time for all notes in the report
  • Total Units Used for all notes in the report
  • Gross Pay (including pay rate) for all notes in the report


The Print Staff Activity Report button can be found in our Note Center below the search filters settings. Access to this button is dependent upon your user role in, and is limited to the following roles:

  • Administrator
  • Lead Counselor


The Print Staff Activity Report button provides an informative yet simple overview of the note activity for your staff the selected period and criteria.


  1. In the search filter section, select the date span that you would like for the report to show results for.
  2. Use the remaining search filters to limit the scope of the report, as needed. You can view one, multiple, or all of the following criteria depending on your needs: clients, staff, note statuses, and services.
  3. Clicking the Print Staff Activity Report button will open up the printable report in a new window. No need to click the Show Notes button first.

As you can see, the Print Staff Activity Report button is a priceless tool at your disposal that provides a plethora of information to help you stay informed of all that is happening at your facility.

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