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Goal Setting: Set Your Business Up for Success

Most companies adhere to the principle that determining where they are, articulating where they are going and deciding how to get there are essential practices for a healthy enterprise and ongoing growth. This process is known as strategic planning by the folks in the C-Suite. But there’s more to it than just those requisite questions. While your business is planning, it is necessary to stick to these rules:

  • Pick the right players
  • Make sure planning sessions result in concrete results
  • Review the previous year and determine how the business will move forward
  • Create a vision for the company by considering the next five years before you narrow your focus
  • Be honest with yourself. No sugar coating, please.
  • Collaborate, problem-solve and play nicely
  • Develop your plan and act on it

There is evidence, particularly for service-oriented enterprises and people-centered agencies, that goal setting is probably the best choice for beginning this process.

Goal Setting

To succeed in working toward the goals you set, you need a plan.

A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline. – Harvey Mackay

Goals need to be measurable, specific and finished by the deadline you set. The four components of goal setting are:

The Goal 

Hitting your company’s hoped-for bullseye is the primary outcome you are looking to achieve.

The Strategy

The approach you will take to achieve your goal is vital.

The Objective

The measurable steps you take to support your strategy are your purpose.

The Tactic

This word means the process you will use to pursue the objective connected to your strategy.

When it comes to goal setting, ShareNote makes it easy. Quickly and simply compile information and data that will help you understand what practices and initiatives worked and what didn’t from the preceding year.

Some steadfast rules concerning goals for a new year should be considered:

1. Start small

2. Have large and small group conversations

3. Begin with a clear overall vision

4. Be collaborative

5. Share the SMART goals with everyone in the company

6. Write the goal down (a goal that is written down is 42 percent more likely to be achieved)

7. Follow up

8. Recognize and award achievements

Creating goals is imperative to track progress for patients, practitioners and providers. Goal setting as an excellent example of how even seemingly small procedures can make a massive change in the health and prosperity of an agency. After all, how do you know where you’re headed if you don’t have a roadmap to get you there?

Visit our website to learn more about how ShareNote and Wiley Treatment Plan Builder and Notes Builders can help you set and achieve your goals. Make 2020 your best year yet!

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