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Free Resource Library for Healthcare Organizations

Free resources, blog posts, and downloadable guides and checklists available for your healthcare clinic, community organization, agency, or practice.

Practice Management Resources

Practice management involves administrative organization, marketing, and documentation to keep your practice running smoothly and successfully. These resources and blog posts will help you make the most of your practice management efforts.

Easy and Affordable Ways to Market Your Practice​
How Credit Card Processing will Improve Your Therapy Billing​
Why Automated Appointment Reminders Will Help Reduce No-Shows​
Treatment Planning, Note Building, and their Effect on Positive Outcomes​

Insurance Billing Resources

Insurance billing can be a confusing, time-intensive process that has direct effect on the financial health of your practice. These resources and blog posts will help ensure successful billing for your organization.

Updates and Changes to CPT Coding
Tips for Mental Health Billing
11 Ways a Dedicated Billing Specialist Will Add Value to Your Organization
Billing Challenges in Behavioral Health and How to Handle Them

Telehealth Resources

Telehealth is rapidly becoming a common delivery model for healthcare. Adapting to this new technology can be a little tricky, but our resources are here to help.

How Telehealth Can Build Better Relationships Between Practitioners and Patients
Why Telehealth Will Be More Prevalent In the Future
Top Trends in Virtual Care
Four Important Questions About Telehealth

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The Role of Culture in Mental Health

While science has made progress in understanding the role of genes and biology in mental health, culture still plays a significant role in shaping how people think and feel about their mental health.

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