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Easy and Affordable Ways to Market Your Mental Health Practice

The first step to growth is learning how to market your mental health practice. The implementation of key marketing strategies is how clients in your area of practice learn your name and how to connect with you. Without it, individuals who should be walking through your front door are likely to go through someone else’s. The good news is that learning how to market your mental health practice does not have to be an exhaustive or expensive process. In truth, with the right efforts, therapists can start to grow and realize their professional goals.

How to Market your Mental Health Practice:

Engage Online

Having an online presence is one of the pillars of mental health marketing in 2021. Nearly every single one of your potential clients is online to some degree. From social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to looking things up on Google from time to time, everyone is online. In order to effectively market your mental health practice, establishing an online presence is critical. Engaging online could mean many different things. Providers might run an active social media account where they are sharing details about their practice, important industry topics, and interacting with individuals in comment sections. An online presence could also include an active blog where providers write pieces that position them as thought-leaders in the industry. The best recipe for online success is a combination of both, and more.

Become Known in the Community

Whether you live in a big community or small, getting your name out there and learning to market your mental health practice is important for bringing in local clients/patients. This does not necessarily mean putting your face on a billboard on the side of the highway, but it does involve putting your feet to the pavement. Try placing flyers in local businesses, handing your card to relevant professionals and individuals, and building relationships with other community pillars so that your name comes up in their conversations down the road. Establishing a community presence is a great way to market your mental health practice.

Network with other Therapists

Therapists helping other therapists is a great way to marketing your mental health practice and grow. While some mental health providers might exist as your competitors, others are complementary to the services you offer. For example, a therapist that specialized in anxiety and depression might not have experience with addiction. If they have a client that needs addiction services, they would refer them out to a more qualified person. Networking with other therapists can increase your referrals.

Network with Healthcare Providers

Building relationships with healthcare providers is another effective method for increasing referrals. Some providers might have mental health professionals that work within their organization, but many do not. When a patient of theirs needs mental health assistance, they are often referred out to relevant organizations. Try connecting with any medical establishments in your area to market your mental health practice.

Write Blogs

Blogs are a great tool to market your mental health practice. Through quality written content that is both understandable and search engine optimized, your website can show up more online. Try writing about topics that your practice specializes in on a frequent basis and you are more likely to show up on a client’s online search. This might take a time investment on your behalf in order to fully understand the best SEO techniques and practices for online growth.

Utilize Your Website

Your website is a representation of your organization. When a client looks at it, they are assessing for the atmosphere of your practice, whether or not you feel outdated or “old-school” in terms of digital quality, and what they might be able to expect when they walk through your doors. Having an updated website that is user-friendly, has up-to-date information, and is digitally optimized is an essential way to market your mental health practice.

Get Listed on Other Websites

When measuring your online credibility, search engines like google look to see if your website exists in multiple places on the web. The more places your website is linked, the more credible you are through the lens of their criteria. Linking your website on therapist directories, on social media, on google, and more is a great way to build online credibility.

Offer Telehealth

In 2021, more clients than ever before are utilizing telehealth to access mental health services. This is partly due to the pandemic but is also due to the fact that teletherapy services eliminate many of the traditional barriers to assistance. They are more accessible, do not require travel or time off work, and consume less of their time compared to in-person visits. Offering telehealth even after the pandemic is a great way to market your mental health practice.

While a therapist may be focused on offering quality client care and administering mental health services, marketing is key to growth. If you need to learn more about telehealth or what solutions might be necessary to use it.

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