The Basics of Billing for Social Work Services

A clinical social worker (CSW) is someone who is trained, educated, and licensed at the graduate level to provide mental health services. As a CSW or an LCSW, you may be able to bill insurance companies for reimbursement, depending on the services you offer. This is exciting because being able to bill insurance means beingContinue reading “The Basics of Billing for Social Work Services”

Behavioral Health Billing 101

Behavioral health billing is a beast to navigate, especially for providers who are new to the process. For many years, the industry leaned toward self-play billing, where clients would pay for mental and behavioral health services out of their own pocket. This made sense at the time for quite a few reasons. The first wasContinue reading “Behavioral Health Billing 101”

A Guide to Understanding Insurance Reimbursement Rates for Mental Health

Insurance reimbursement refers to the payment that a mental health provider receives for delivering services to a client or patient. Reimbursement rates, and getting to the point where the payment is actually in hand, is a complicated necessity to the field overall. For providers who accept insurance, understanding insurance reimbursement rates is vital to billingContinue reading “A Guide to Understanding Insurance Reimbursement Rates for Mental Health”

Helpful Tips for Building a Private Practice

Building a private mental health practice is a tough yet exciting thing that many providers dream of accomplishing someday. For those thinking about jumping in, it might feel difficult to know where to start. There are hundreds of details that go into running a successful practice that needs to be considered from the start. SoContinue reading “Helpful Tips for Building a Private Practice”

How Credit Card Payments Will Improve Your Therapy Billing

In order to achieve successful therapy billing in 2021, providers need to accept credit card payments. More patients than ever are using their cards for everything. They pay all of their utilities, their groceries, their medical copays, and more using their credit cards. They want to pay for their mental health care with one too.Continue reading “How Credit Card Payments Will Improve Your Therapy Billing”

What is a Psychiatry Superbill?

A psychiatry superbill is one of those terms that every mental health provider knows, but does not enjoy talking about. It seems to be a pretty common feeling among providers in the industry that billing is one of the most frustrating and inconvenient parts of being a therapist. While it may be annoying, billing isContinue reading “What is a Psychiatry Superbill?”

4 Effective DBT Techniques for Anxiety

DBT techniques for anxiety are helping a wealth of individuals learn how to identify, manage, respond and prepare for anxiety-inducing situations. Being one of the most common mental health-related issues in the world, finding techniques that help manage these conditions is incredibly valuable to improving the mental health of millions. What is DBT? DBT isContinue reading “4 Effective DBT Techniques for Anxiety”

Tips for Mental Health Billing in 2021

Mental health billing is increasingly more complex as more payers cover the cost of mental health services. Optimizing your billing process is a key component of building a sustainable practice that can offer care to a multitude of clients. In order to be successful in 2021, providers should adhere to the following tips for mentalContinue reading “Tips for Mental Health Billing in 2021”

FREE OCD Worksheets: Exposure, Worry Management & Response

Dealing with OCD, worry, anxiety, and fear can be difficult – and as a therapist you take on the responsibility of helping your patients realize they have the power to control these thoughts and feelings. Cognitive behavioral therapy in the form of written and exposure exercises can be used to help OCD patients identify theirContinue reading “FREE OCD Worksheets: Exposure, Worry Management & Response”

Billing Challenges in Mental and Behavioral Health and How to Handle Them

As a provider for mental and behavioral health services, it is important that you have an organized billing process which will save you time so you can focus on what is most important – patient care. Below are some billing challenges you might find yourself faced with, some tips to manage these challenges and how ShareNote’s billing solutions can help.   Challenge #1 Patient Insurance Changes and Pre-Approvals  PatientsContinue reading “Billing Challenges in Mental and Behavioral Health and How to Handle Them”