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9 Helpful Marketing Tips for Therapists

Following these marketing tips for therapists is the perfect first step to growing your practice. As mental health providers, marketing is not usually the first thing one thinks about when opening their own practice. The first thing that comes to mind is working with your own clients, creating your own space, and getting to run your practice the way you want to. Marketing for therapist’s is an essential component of making sure your dreams for your practice come true. Without it, you will have a hard time bringing in new clients. Keep reading for the top 10 marketing tips for therapists in 2021.

Marketing Tips for Therapists:

Figure Out Where Your Client “Hangs Out”

Figuring out where your client hangs out is an important marketing tip for therapists and could mean one of two things. The first being where they physically hang out. Are you looking for clients that are interested in in-person or telehealth visits? Do they live in your area or statewide? The second being where they hang out online. The social media platform your clients primarily use could differ upon their age group, demographics, and other factors as well. Figuring out where your clients “hang out” is ultimately how you can build a plan to reach them and help them learn your name.

Keep Your Online Information Up to Date

For clients that come across your information online, it is vital that they have access to the right phone number, email, or website in order to reach you. A common issue that some mental health providers forget to take care of is updating their contact information on sites like Google or Facebook when it is established or changed. The marketing tip for therapists is that your information might be located needs to be 100% up to date and accurate at all times in order for people to be able to connect.

Update Your Website

The next marketing tip for therapists might seem obvious, but you would be surprised to learn how many professionals let it slide. Your website is a direct image and impression of who you are as a provider and as an organization. Updating your website to fit modern standards of design, usability, and accessibility is vital to bringing in new clients. It is not enough to have an outdated website as long as it has your contact info on it. Your website represents your atmosphere and has the potential to send off the wrong first impression to potential clients if not updated.

Create Quality Content

Online content is one of the best and most effective marketing tips for therapists. Establishing your presence online through blogs, articles, email campaigns, and more is extremely effective for reaching new clients. Content should establish your practice as a thought-leader in the field, helping you stand out as knowledgeable and professional against your competitors. This marketing tip for therapists can also be an opportunity to help educate your community about certain topics within your profession and how your services might be able to help.

Use a Directory

Therapist directories are a popular outlet for clients who are looking for a therapist in their area. This marketing tip for therapists is centered around meeting potential clients in the middle of their search. In

2021, the first place that most people go to when they are looking for something they need information on is their computer. The phrase “therapist near me” or “therapist in my area” usually will lead clients to therapist directories. Being on one or multiple of these sites can help you reach a larger number of clients.

Utilize Social Media

Social media is a must for any professional looking to grow their business (or practice). When deciding which therapist they want to call and set an appointment with, clients often do their research. This research consists of looking at your website, your social media, and other areas you might be online to learn more about you. Posting quality social media content is a marketing tip for therapist that helps you to stand out in the crowd and build trust with potential clients.

Learn SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a buzzword among recent marketing professionals. This is the process of optimizing your website, content, and more so that it shows up organically in a search. For example, if an individual were to search “tips for anxiety” online, their browser will populate articles that contain that keyword or have credibility on that topic. Out of all of the marketing tips for therapists, this one might take some extra research, but will ultimately help you grow.

Network with Other Specialists

Networking is an incredible marketing tip for therapists that can help increase your referrals. Whether it be with other therapists who might specialize in other types of therapy or even healthcare providers, networking is an effective way to direct traffic to your practice. Try establishing relationships with providers in your area.

Join an Insurance Provider Panel

More insurance companies than ever are covering mental health services which is an incredible victory for access to mental health services. For therapists, this means that it is more important than ever before to join provider panels for the most used insurance payers in their area. This marketing tip for therapists makes it easier for patients with that coverage to find you and increases the number of clients coming through your doors.

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